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VIDEO: Hockey Development Practice


In the pursuit of excellence in hockey, dedicated players and coaches are always on the lookout for innovative training approaches that can enhance skills and performance on the ice.

Recently, this video blog was posted, showcasing an on-ice training practice at Capital News Center (CNC) in Kelowna, BC. Led by Josh McEwan and Player Acceleration, this dynamic session focused on developing skating, puck handling, and shooting.

The players, driven by their passion for the sport, engage in a series of drills and exercises carefully designed to enhance their skating, puck handling, and shooting skills.


The video blog documenting the on-ice training session with Josh McEwan and Player Acceleration at CNC in Kelowna, BC, provides an inspiring glimpse into the dedication and hard work that goes into honing hockey skills. From improving skating techniques to mastering puck handling and refining shooting precision, the players demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement.

This video serves as a reminder that success in hockey requires a comprehensive approach to training, focusing on various aspects of the game. By dedicating time to develop skating, puck handling, and shooting abilities, players can elevate their performance and make a significant impact on the ice.

If you are interested in being part of one of these ice sessions, click here.